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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Submit My Abstract?

You can submit your abstract online on the conference page and will be reviewed by scientific committee members for approval.

What Does My Registration Include?

Registration Includes access to all sessions during Conference days, Conference Brochure, Lunch during Conference days, Refreshments.

Will I Get A Certificate Of Attendance At Conference?

Yes, all delegates and speakers will get certificates during the conference.

I need an invitation letter to the conference, how do I get one?

Invitation letter is provided, who require an invitation to assist with their travel visa application. Regarding the same you can directly contact the respective conference secretary/program coordinator through an email.

Will I get a certificate of attendance at conference?

Yes, all delegates and speakers are able to get certificates at conference registration desk and are available anytime during the conference.

I think I've paid twice, what should I do?

Contact the respective conference secretary/program coordinator through email or you may directly contact at

I need an invoice before I can pay, what should I do?

You can simply email to the respective conference secretary/program coordinator through email or you may directly contact at

I want to present a speech but cannot attend, is there is any alternative?

Yes, you can send the video presentation (with clear audio and video) which will be played during the mentioned slot on conference day, and you will be certified with E-certification.

I just want to attend one session. Is that possible to do without registering for the conference?

Individuals wanting to participate in one session must register for a one-day pass for that day.

Can I register at venue (on-spot)?

Yes, but there will be high charges with minimal tickets, and you need to inform program coordinator prior one month of the conference dates.

Is there funding available to help with travel/registration/accommodation costs?

Scienoteq can only fund for Young researchers by providing few free registrations and others with discount on registration.

Visa Information

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Canada has introduced a new entry requirement, known as an eTA, for visa-exempt foreign nationals travelling to Canada by air. Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid visa. Entry requirements for other methods of travel (land, sea) have not changed.

Starting August 1, 2015, eligible travellers can apply online for an eTA. On March 15, 2016, this entry requirement will become mandatory and travellers will need an eTA before they can board a flight to Canada.

For more details regarding eTA: click here

Entry into Canada

Visitors to Canada require a valid passport and many require a visitor’s visa. For information on visa requirements and exemptions please check with the nearest Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.

To check online – click here and click “Visit” from the menu.

Attendees from the USA may check entry / exit requirements to Canada outlined in the U.S. Department of State Consular Information website. Proof of citizenship must be provided.

An official Letter of Invitation to support visa applications to attend Scienoteq Conferences 2021 will be issued by the particular conference program coordinator . Additional information and supporting documentation may be requested prior to the issuance of Letters of Invitation.

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